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Author, Parks Historian & Public Speaker

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Welcome to my website and hope you find it useful, whether to book me as a speaker, check out my books or perhaps wanting to share my strange fascination with Victorian bandstand architecture. I have put this together really to promote my real passions in life which are wonderful legacy of public parks and the bandstands that often used to sit within them and in many cases still do. This has led to a number of books I have written as well as developing the ultimate database of bandstands in the UK.  I now also have a new website promoting the use of the bandstand - all on here. 

The book writing is progressing well and now have 12 published with "Great British Parks - A Celebration" - celebrating 20 years of HLF restoration projects and Green Flag Awards released in summer 2016. Another is underway with Historic England on the cultural history of the bandstand focussing on their usage and architectural heritage, as well as a recent book completed on British Bandstands - a celebration of our restored bandstands in the last 20 years (out in Spring 2017). I have also just completed yet another on 'Parkitecture - Buildings & Monuments of Public Parks' with another on 'Buildings and Monuments of the Royal Parks' being worked up too. These all excite me! I am also considering one on the life of Decimus Burton, one of our greatest architects. Not much written about him but he is a fascinating man. 

I continue to work on an initiative to bring bandstands back to life through my sister website, which I formally launched in May 2015 and have updated and refreshed in October 2016. . The database of contacts is certainly proving useful with good feedback. However, at the end of the day it is up to Local Authorities to take ownership of these once again. I am also looking at a number of exhibitions celebrating the design and architecture of the bandstand. So do take a further look at the site, book me as a speaker (wonderful reviews too) and check out the bandstands and books.