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Hello and welcome to one of my two websites. You may be visiting for a number of reasons?





Hello and Welcome


Thank you for visiting my website and I hope you find something of interest. If you are looking to:-

  • Book me for a talk or a lecture - go to 'Public Speaking' 

  • Look at what books I have now published, do have a look at the heading 'Books'. 

  • Wanting to know more about my passion in Victorian and Edwardian bandstands, then head to 'Bandstands'. 

I am currently Parks and Open Spaces Manager for Norwich City Council where I work full time, but in my now very limited spare time, I write, I lecture, and I promote the value of public parks. It is what I believe in and I practice what I preach. I left Watford with 17 Green Flag award winning parks and in Cassiobury Park, one of the best parks in the UK. I hope to achive as much at Norwich City Council. 

However, my passion flows into my spare time and you will see that I do so much more. Check out the pages on this website for my list of lectures, my growing number of books and management of the growing Parks Management Association.

Want to know more about new Parks Management Association, link is here.


I am now also represented by Past Preservers for all things media related (TV, Filming, Documentaries). Please see the link here.

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