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Sunny Days and Balmy Nights

Posted on June 5, 2015 at 7:05 PM

Terrific few days here in Leighton Buzzard with sunny evening walks with Charlie and rest of the family. I have discovered areas of the neighbourhood I didn't know existed. The joys of having a dog I suppose. This brings me on to a link someone shared with friends and myself on Facebook about "a black dog" which I had never seen before. It resonated very much with me as for a number of months had not been feeling myself and could not understand why - I have never suffered with my health and certainly have never considered that I may be suffering depression - see I can admit it. Watching this was a turning point - see link below - and its just brilliant. My black dog never truly got hold because I dealt with it but its a horrible feeling - truly horrible and I still don't understand why I felt like this. But hey ho, many many of us do. I haven't really spoken about but the black dog doesn't control me - watch the clip and you will get this. Now having a white dog in my life, it was something Ellie said to me on having had Charlie a week - the effect a dog can have on you emotionally, the eye contact and the impact of being "mans best friend" - I don't know where she read it but it too had an impact. White dog wins. So what am i saying? White dogs are better than black dogs? nope! Don't be ashamed of how you feel. We are only human after all.

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