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Blogs a bit thin on the ground!

Posted on 14 September, 2015 at 18:00

Ah, as thin as the hair on my ever decreasing mop top, lots to write about but just haven't got around to it. Jeez a lot has happened over the last few weeks. What is going on in this mad world. 

Personally, a short spell in hospital, gory details spared, but time to think. Then a wonderful time in Italy. A week in Umbria and Tuscany. My, the Italians have it right, they really don't give a damn - so relaxed and chilled, wonderful community spirit among the people, stunning landscapes and Siena and Florence a sight I won't forget. Truly memorable. The place we stayed at was remote, 1.5km up a mountain track and you could not hear a thing apart from the breeze. I could have stayed there forever. A return home through Dunstable late Saturday night brought it all back to reality - drunks, emergency services attempting to cope, fast food on hand and taxis meandering among the vomit plastered streets. 

And back to work. And back to life. Refugees, riots, left wing Labour returns, Chelsea in deep trouble, a house move imminent and a the longest reigning monarch ever in this courageous country we call home. 

So where to from here? Book No. 8 halfway through with funding from Veolia and Green Flag, Great British Parks will indeed by a visual celebration of some lovely parks we have so carefully restored. A meeting lined up with Historic England to discuss a few more books too, Decimus Burton still needs doing as does a full monograph on bandstands and a new comprehensive history of public parks. The house move is giving us a spare bedroom so a man cave is developing in my head and places to store the immense collection of vinyl and growing daily, a collection of some lovely books. 

Student children have returned south so closer to home again, white dog is in control of the black dog and a new iPhone too is out. Upgrade due. And the big milestone is just around the corner, 50 in October. 26th to be precise. It was meant to be a year of achievements this year but as the hamster sits gazing at me wistfully (I think thats how he gazes), it hasn't quite panned out like that, so the 50th becomes more important and a new Apple MacBook would be a suitable compensation. Donations greatfully welcome. 

And to finish this rambling blog, I met up with Mr Bryn Jones (sounds Welsh...but he's Irish with a hint of Brazilian) in Huddersfield the other week who I haven't seen in about 4-5 years and it was a pleasure to see him again. People really do matter (so does a new MacBook too!!)

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