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Crap towns?

Posted on 20 January, 2016 at 16:35

Happy New Year everyone. Its now mid January and its cold, so cold and trying to stick to New Year resolutions. I am certainly spending more time on the train travelling into Watford. Which brings me onto the subject of this blog. Crap towns seems to have been a bit of a fashion over the last few years with bookshelves rammed with books on Crap Towns and Crap Towns 2 and lots of polls about the shittiest places to live in the UK. The latest is here . It lambasts the town of Luton. Now I don't live there, I have a Luton postcode but live out in Leighton Buzzard. I have been to Luton and indeed spent some time doing some work for Luton Borough Council assessing their parks and open spaces. My daughter has competed in Luton and I have flown from Luton airport. I have visited the large asian area with my daughter to buy asian goodies. Do I like the place? not really, but then I don't like Manchester or Aylesbury or Wycombe or Hull or Hemel Hempstead or Margate, but thats just an opinion based on fleeting visits. I lived in Carlisle for 8 years - not my favourite town, but happy times there, I lived in Darlington for 10 years, loved the place but amazingly many think it a dull grey town. I worked for 8 years in Middlesbrough, now thats a town that is always top of the crap leagues and is a brutalist looking town. When I moved to Watford, many said, uuurghhhh what a place to go to, its like Luton. 

So whats the point of this rambling. Over 210,000 people live in Luton. Its a growing town with a lot of issues that it contends with. I am sure many of these Luton-ites would love to live in Tunbridge Wells, St Aban's, Harrogate, Wokingham, Winchester, Bath, Cambridge and such like but the fact is they don't. Many can't. If it wasn't for towns like Luton, Middlesbrough, Hull, Stockton on Tees, Barrow in Furness, Scunthorpe, Wolverhampton, Walsall, we wouldn't have towns like Harrogate, Wokingham et al. Industrial centres, the powerhouse of our economies over hundreds of years, and as those industries decline, what they leave behind are often communities that are unable to move. I am sure disgusted of Tunbridge Wells would love to see fields and lanes built over to house the mass growing population of many of our former industrial centres. Back to Luton, the heart of the British car industry and we haven't got much left now have we!!, great parks - Wardown and Stockwood are superb, an international airport that really is one of the best I have flown from. It is a grey gritty town. Middlesbrough, now I worked there for years. A hellish place I thought, but went back last year. Yes, many problems but it has such icons of industry, the transporter bridge, one of the most impressive town halls you will ever see, wonderful parks such as Albert Park and Stewart Park. Again, a former powerhouse of industry evolving, struggling, urban, gritty. 

So, the point of these ridiculous surveys - do we really give a shit. Why? (1) not everyone has a choice where they live, (2) people who live there, born and brought up there actually do like living there (3) those who bash towns like Luton are not from Luton so butt out (4) be thankful we have towns like Luton, Middlesbrough etc, as they have made this country; (5) bashing towns is demoralising, despite intense Tory cuts from this incumbent governement we are stuck with, Borough Councils and the staff within and agencies who live and work here, are firecely loyal and work damned hard so some ass-hole stupid poll really is not helpful (6) and if every town was like Oxford where no one can afford to live and work and thats a town at crisis point where nurses, bus drivers and teachers cannot be retained here because they cannot afford the properties - what kind of community does that create?? So leave Luton alone and don't even bring immigration into it. 

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