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Be careful what you say! and to whom!!

Posted on 6 February, 2016 at 7:45

This is a funny. 

I met a chap at work yesterday who I had never had the pleasure of meeting before who was keen to see whether we could work together on a project. He asked about the Cassiobury Park project in Watford and what it entailed and went on to describe the new Hub and the relocation of the bandstand back into the park. Of course he didn't know I have an obsession with them, so he went on to mention about the nutter he heard on Radio 2 a few weeks ago regaling the virtues of the bandstand on the Jeremy Vine show - said he was really good but a bit nuts. Hmmmm should have seen his face when I said that it was ME!!!!!! So funny. Nice bloke and actually very complimentary and loved what he does. 

I often tell the story of me becoming a Dull Man at the many WI talks too and its incredible how many have seen in the press, and they all remember the grass cutting guy. Bandstands far more interesting. But then I would say that as I'm a nutter. 

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