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A common potato.....??

Posted on 12 June, 2016 at 17:20

In the last 12-18 months, I don't think I have seen so much in the media, online and on social media and so many people commentating on such wide and major issues. There does seem to be a rise in worldwide issues that I must admit, make it a challenging and dangerous world we now live in.

Leave or Remain Campaign

Every day we hear reasons why to leave or why to remain. I have no intention of giving any reasons for either because I simply don't know and not sure which way to vote yet. One thing for sure, if we leave, there will be ramifications at government level, but I am bored stiff with it. I don't care what Boris, Gove, Dyson or Hawking think - no one agrees and the reporting in the media has left people only confused and probably bored. ( Whilst writing this - a BBC Referendum special has popped up!)

Donald Trump

This really does worry me. Are the American's that dim to vote Trump in? I know we had George W. Bush and Ronald Reagan but surely Trump in the White House. At least we realised Farage was a cretinous moron and got shot. Lets hope our yankee dudes do the same. But worrying. 

Football hooliganism

I was so looking forward to the Euro Championships but the sights we have seen are sickening. The rest of Europe probably want us out of the EU now. Life in North Korea actually looks appealing when you see the mayhem and riots in France. Perhaps if we had the courage to actually take out a few of the low life scum with a couple of well placed shots on the perpetrators, they would soon dispel or think twice. 


This country was built on immigration, the British Empire was built on people moving freely across the world as were other empires. History gives many examples of immigration. But we see immigrants, migrants and refugees - all different. Again, I do not have a specific view, but am a regular visitor to London, one of the most culturally diverse cities in the world and its what makes the city....not what we see in EastEnders. Reading a bit about Ukraine today and gay rights - they have none - and watching Ukraine tonight vs Germany - no black players on their team or on the Russian Team. 


Disgusting and corporate greed at its worst. Having said that, BHS have never modernised, dated and untrendy and unfashionable. But how oh how Dominic Chappell managed to buy it as a bankrupt. How easy would it be for me to get a bank loan or mortgage with a previous bankruptcy but he can buy BHS for a quid. 


The IRA, Basque separists ETA, Al Quaeda and now ISIS... they come and they go as history tells us. But they taint history and will be remembered in history but that is what they all become - simply history and civilisation will always continue. 

Top Gear

I won't watch it anymore. Clarkson was a cock, Chris Evans is a cock. 

 Axl Rose joining AC/DC

A good decision? I was one of the many who felt the mighty DC should have stopped once Jonno and Malcolm could no longer continue, but I have not seen a single bad review since Axl joined for the last few gigs and YouTube shows some great gigs. 

In conclusion

Lots of common potatos out there. Mostly I don't care. I don't trust politicians, I don't trust the media, everyone has a view but all I want to know is will Axl Rose record with AC/DC?? Probably not. I am off to bed with my Daily Mail and Radio 4 and my visa application to North Korea. 

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