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Database of Bandstands - lost and existing

A word of warning - like any growing and evolving database - it is exactly that and it will change. The information on the link below is based on my own personal research, sources from elsewhere, anecdotes, as well as research carried out by others (Scottish Ironwork Foundation, Maurice Bradbury, Lost Art). There are bound to be imperfections and some contradictions which will be ironed out over time and many of them already have. 

One of the difficulties is identifying place names - some locations are often known by different names - especially sea front locations eg West Promenade, Promenade Gardens, Sea Front - possibly the same location. Also many bandstands were replaced over the years into the same location - eg Battersea Park has had 3 bandstands on the same location over the last 120 years. But this database is a good source and is the only resource that I know of that collates all the bandstands we have - lost and existing - in Britain. I will continue to update and amend. Click on the link below to download the latest database. This was updated in September 2017.